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Final Standings

Portuguese NT won again African Championships 2003

Coach: Mario Palma (Desportivo 1. De Agosto)
Miguel Lutonda (187-G-71) Desportivo 1. De Agosto
Walter Costa (185-G-73) Desportivo 1. De Agosto
Carlos Almeida (192-G/F-76) Desportivo 1. De Agosto
Gerson Monteiro (194-F/G-73) Barreirense (POR)
Antonio Carvalho (193-G-69) Petro de Luanda
Alfonso Silva (190-F-74) Desportivo 1. De Agosto
Angelo Victoriano (197-F-68) Desportivo 1. De Agosto
Edmar Victoriano (197-F-75) Desportivo 1. De Agosto
Victor Muzadi (201-C-78) Desportivo 1. De Agosto
Joaquim Gomes (202-C-80) Valparaiso (USA)
Jean-Jacques Conceicao (201-C-64) Portugal Telecom (POR)
Abdel Boucar (204-C-80)

  Stage 2, Aug.16, 2003
Final: Angola - Nigeria 85-65
ANGOLA: Afonso Silva, Walter Costa, Angelo Victoriano (5),Walter Monteiro,Edmar Victoriano(20), Victor Carvalho (13),Joaquim Gomes(2), Victor Muzadi, Abdel Moussa (6), Carlos Almeida (14), Miguel Lutonda (15) and Jean Jacques (10).
NIGERIA: KC Ogwudire (2), Odia Churchill (3), Odaudu Ogoh, Ikpah Orngu, Tat Solomon , Mr.A. Mohamed (17), Jibril Baba (3), Nwankwo Lkenna , Tunji Awojobi (9), Niadubem Muoneke (21), Veron Ngutor , Oyedeji Olumide (10)
Angola is again African champion. Beating Nigeria in the final by 85-65, Angola is again in olympics representing Africa.

Bronze medal game: Egypt - Senegal 81-79
Senegal- Mohamadou Diallo 20, Boniface Ndong 17, and Babacar Cisse and Kadir Pene with 10.
Egypt- Ismail Ahmed 20, Ahmed Mounir 17, Ramy Gunaidi 13 and Haytham El Saaid with 10.
Beating Senegal by 2 points, 81-79, Egypt is the 3º of the Africa championship.
Senegal is 4º

  Stage 2, Aug.15, 2003
7. Algeria, 8. Morocco, 9. S.Africa, 10. Mozambique, 11. Ivory Coast, 12. Madagascar
7-8 places game: Algeria - Morocco 68-61 (Doubal 19, Boughedir 12, Boulaya 11, Ouli 10 - Bakkass 21, Abdelmalek 14)
9-10 place game: S.Africa - Mozambique 77-70 (Mokbatsi 19, Ngobeni 17 - Tamele 22, DDe Deus 12)
11-12 places game: Ivory Coast - Madagascar 87-52 (Kouame 21, Konate 14 - Saotra 21, Hedi 9)

  Stage 2, Aug.14, 2003
Angola and Nigeria will play for the gold medal after easy victories in the semis. Undefeated Angola beat easily host Egypt, while Nigeria defeated Senegal without big problems.
Cent. Africa took 6th place and Tunisia is No 7.

Nigeria - Senegal 78-55
(KC Ogwudire 2, Odia Churchill 4, Odaudu Ogoh, Ikpah Orngu, Tat Solomon 2, Mr.A. Mohamed 7, Jibril Baba 5, Nwankwo Lkenna 3, Yunji Awojobi 14, Niadubem Muoneke 21, Veron Ngutor 5, Oyedeji Olumide 15 - Kadir Pene 3, Makhtar Mbaye, Elyse Boissy, Babacar Cisse 2, Issa Konare 4, El Adi Ndoye 12, Mouhamadou Diallo 18, Moussa Diagne 2, Boniface Ndong 2, Malick Badiane 10, Adbouulaye Sow, Makhtar Ndiaye 2)
The Nigerian team defeated the Senegalese team 78-55.The Nigerian team ended all the quarters winning; 24-19, 14-12, 17-16 & 23-8.The Nigerian team showed good defense. (by FIBA.COM)

Angola - Egypt 82-68 (Afonso Silva, Walter Costa, Angelo Victoriano 11, Walter Monteiro, Edmar Victoriano 19, Victor Carvalho 5, Joaquim Gomes, Victor Muzadi, Abdel Moussa 2, Carlos Almeida 8, Miguel Lutonda 20, Jean Jacques 17 - Ramy Gunaidi 4, Hussainy Samir 4, Ahmed Gazzar 5, Wael Badr, Haytham Saaid 11, Ahmed Sakr 3, Ismail Ahmed 12, Sherif Gunaidi, Ahmed Mounir 14, Ibrahim Adawy, Mohamed Kerdani 11, Samir Gouda 4)
Angola showed more mature basketball. The team is based on very experienced players, who play on international stage for many years. That could easy give them another championship of Africa.

5-6 places game: Cent.Africa - Tunisia 75-64 (Koundija 20, Mombollei 15, Gotagni 15 - Essayed 24, Khanfir 13, Rhadouane 11)

  Preliminary Round, Day 5, Aug.12, 2003
Group A:
Nigeria - Mozambique 83-41

Nigeria won Group A despite one game lost to Algeria. They will face Senegal in the semis.

Algeria - Cent.Africa 69-87
Central African team gave the another strong hit to Algeria. Algeria, one of the top favorites of the tournament, lost 3 games in 3 days.
The Algerian selection was severely corrected, Tuesday evening, by the Central African Republic while being inclined by 87 to 69 at the time of the 5e and last day of the 1st turn of the championship of Africa of the nations of basketball. It is the third consecutive defeat of the Greens in this competition which was worth to him to it little enviable 4e place with the general classification with 7 points.
The foalta of Labouize however started well the tournament with two victories against Mozambique and Nigeria before bending during the last three matches to see itself definitively eliminated with a mitigated assessment. The national trainer explains the defeat vis-a-vis with the RCA and this fall of mode at the end of the tournament by tiredness after an intensive series of matches.
It will say in substance: "We played with moral low after our elimination yesterday following the defeat of Egypt vis-a-vis in Nigeria. The absence of Benramdane and Sayah as well as the tiredness of the players after an intensive series of matches weighed in the balance. "Indeed, the Algerian team, which was to gain to finish 3e group A and to play the 5e or 6th place, completely missed her exit. Deprived of his marker appointed Benramdane, the five Algerian took a good lead (15-9) until the 8th minute, before undergoing the attacks of the Central African players, more motivated and skilful in the shots outside the zone of the 6,25 m. The RCA succeeded in making its delay and finishing the half-time with its advantage with 8 points in advance (40-32). This variation grew hollow at the time of the third quarter-time until reaching 22 points. At the time of the last quarter-time, the Greens returned to the load thanks to the success of Adrar, but without managing to level the mark, letting the Central African Republic spin right towards the victory. Algeria finishes 4e thus and will face Friday on behalf of 7th and 8th places Morocco. After this poor service, the Algerian national team of basketball could make the dead end on the next African plays which will take place of 1st at October 15 with Abuja (Nigeria). According to parvenu echoes' of Alexandria, the persons in charge for the basketball decided to withdraw African plays.

Ivory Coast - Egypt 72-100
Host team had to win this game to make it to the play-offs. So no surprise that they put a preassure from first minutes, ending the game with 28-points victory over Ivory Coast. But now a tough task: they will meet Group B leader, undefeated Angola (defending champion) in the semifinals.
Great disillusion in Ivory Coast. The national team only win a single game.
"Far from representing the Côte.d'ivoire with dignity, the formation of the Ivory Coast went to the country of the Pharaons to make tourism." said one of the most important Ivory newspaper.
The criticize the president of the federation had not become to wait, "Making Egyptian campaign a failure on the sporting level.However, it would have made it possible the selection to make good tourism. As wanted it the decision makers of the team. "

Group B:
Madagascar - Angola 64-103
(Saotra 17, Kilobo 15 - Lutonda 19, Moussa 14, Gomes 14)
It was an easy "practice" for Angolan team, which was two levels better than their opponent. Angola will meet host Egypt in the semis.
The forward Víctor Carvalho is the best three points of the African championship of basketball , whose regular phase was concluded tuesday in Alexandria (Egipto).
The only player of the Petro de Luanda to integrate the national team of Angola have 16 three points shoots and is followed by the Senegal player Ndoye el Haji with 16, and the Ivory Coast Tape Eric (12).
As the better Angolan one in the competition of launchings of long distance is Gerson Monteiro with seven, that it occupies 11ª position.
Carlos Almeida (6) and Miguel Lutonda (6) are in 18º and 19º, respectively.
Víctor Carvalho comes back to appear between the best ones, of this making in the nineth position of the relation of the best markers of the championship, with 62 points, the three points of its compatriot Miguel Luonda, who is in 11º, come in 14º Jean Jacques (58). Best scorer of the competition is the Central African Romain Sato (101).
Gerson Monteiro is still the best in assists, with eight, less six that the Senegal player Cisse Babacar, to lider of the list, seconded for the Ismail Egyptian Amhed (10).
Another Angolan name that appraises in prominence the handle of the first stage of Afrobasket 2003 is Abdel Boukar, that is the room best in steel shoots with eight, while the first one placed, the Egyptian Ibrahim El-Adawy, has 17.
Edmar Victoriano "Baduna" is seventh better in defensive rebounds with 26, 12 less than the Nigerian Oyedeji Olumine, who heads the list.
Already in offensive rebounds, the list is led by one lusófono, the mozambique player Seven Muinga with 20, while Joaquin Gomes "Kikas" appears in the twentieth o more good marking Jean Jacques represents Angola in the competition of two points shoots when converting 19 , less 10 that lider of the list, Ndong Boniface (Senegal).
In free throws, the best Angolans are in 12º Walter Coast (14), 13º Jean Jacques (14) and 18º Carlos Almeida (13). Here also best it is the Central African Romain Sato.
The senegal player Babacar Cisse is best in "steels", competition who counts on one cries of Mário Palm, Baduna Victoriano, 11º with nine.
In turn over, Baduna and Lutonda are distinguished with 13 losses each one.
The national team finished without defeats in first place it preliminary group B and goes to face the Egipto in the stocking-ends, thursday. To another departure of this phase the Nigeria to the Senegal will oppose.

Tunisia - South Africa 69-54 (Maoua 17, Khanfir 16 - Deyssen 16, Mazibuko 13)
Both teams already lost their chance for the play-offs. The final result was expected.
The Tunisian team disputes this afternoon his last match in the championship of Africa of the nations, a match of classification for the 5e place after having missed the qualification to the semi-finals. It will face the Central African Republic, ground an enough team and which showed a honourable face in the group B. The situation is clear for the team of Tunisia: the weight of the absences was determining and prevented from fully playing its chances for the last square. But when one sees there more closely, the image becomes even clearer. The Tunisian selection cannot be prevailed of a performance whereas the possibility was present to pass in semi-finals. Angola and Senegal were not wild and unbeatable teams. Separately a handle of pros, they are local players who were present. In any event, the team of Tunisia could have beaten Senegal or Angola if it had had a better manpower. With only one playmaker and any pivot of position, it was quasi impossible for the Tunisians to beat Angolais or the Senegaleses.

Morocco - Senegal 77-92 (Mounir 22, Mouri 13 - NDoye 27, Konare 15)
The winner of that game would go to the semis. So a tough game, where Senegal show more mature basketball. They will face Nigeria, Group A leader in the semis.
Senegal credited twice with poor a seventh place at the time of the two last campaigns, especially did not force the ambitions after having known a bâclee preparation. These bad conditions of preparation whose must was the episode of the threat of boycott held up for questions of premium, finished convincing more the skeptics whom this team would still not make of the results this time. This pessimistic position was confirmed from the very start of the tournament by the defeat of the band of Babou Cisse against Angola (60-73). Bad starts followed thereafter by positive results in front of Tunisia and Madagascar before curving the spine with South Africa. One needed a start of pride against the Morrocans however credited with good performances and a victory of Tunisia over Bafana Bafana, to see the way of the semi-finals finally opening again for Senegal after an absence of two championships on this level (1999 and 2001).
It is also the end of a guigne for their adversaries. The Nigerians who divided poule with the Lions at the time of the two campaigns had the privilege more to remain in the last square since 1997 in Dakar when they had been classified 2e behind the Lions. For them also, it is a return on the surprising front of the scene more especially as the Nigerians fell of entry with Algeria. A false quickly forgotten step since the fellow-members of Tunjie took again confidence by spreading out the victories with all their other adversaries of poule A.
This Nigeria-Senegal will have in all the cases a pace of rupture for the two selections which will have put an end to one period of diet of two CAN. From where all stake, since it will be a question for the Lions of not falling into the self-satisfaction after having achieved their goal which was to appear in the last square of the Championship

  Preliminary Round, Day 4, Aug.11, 2003
No more undefeated teams in Group A. A big surprise, while Algerian team was defeated by much lower ranked Ivory Coast.

Group A:
Cent.Africa - Mozambique 81-36

Cent.Africa (hungry for victories) has a very strong team, while many of their players play pro basketball abroad as well as in the US colleges. 45-points victory over Mozambique is very significant.

Algeria - Ivory Coast 78-85
A big sensation. Two games lost in two days for last tournament finalist Algeria. Not so many fans believed Ivory Coast could beat much higher ranked Algerian team.

Egypt - Nigeria 56-69
Egyptian fans were cheering too early after yesterday's victory over group favorite Algeria. Egypt, the only undefeated team in Group A lost to Nigeria by 3 points. Both teams have 3-1 record.

Group B:
Tunisia - Madagascar 91-51

No game hgistory. It would be a surprise if Madagascar wins any game at this tournament.

Angola - Morocco 106-65 (Victor Carvalho 24,Victor Muzadi 15, Carlos Almeida 14, Walter Costa 12 -)
41-points victory over Morocco makes Angola the biggest favorite of the tournament. Who is going to challenge them?

S.Africa - Senegal 79-71 (- Makhtar Ndiaye 3,Captain Babou Cisse 7, Maleye Ndoye 21, Doudou Diallo 10, Papa Abdoulaye Sow 1; Boniface Ndong 10, Malick Badiane 6+14reb, Elyse Boissy 2, Issa Konare 7, Moussa Diagne 2, Makhtar Mbaye 2, Mouhamed Kabir Pene)
Small surprise. Senegal team had some well-known names, but team game of a team from South Africa brough them a victory.
Game played at the Mubarak Stadium of Alexandria , the senegal lost his second game with 20 fault,45 rebounds (16 off and 29 def),8 turn over ,5 steal,2 blocks ,15 free throws for around 75%.

  Preliminary Round, Day 3, Aug.10, 2003
A game of the day was a victory of host Egypt, over last event finalist Algeria.
Group A:
Mozambique - Ivory Coast 69-67
Cent.Africa - Nigeria 64-69
Egypt - Algeria 86-79

Very important game for the host team. They managed to beat strong Algeria. Algerian team was based mostly on pro players from France, while Egypt counted on the players from local league.
Group B:
Senegal - Madagascar 112-63

Easy victory for Senegal against probably the weakest team at the tournament.
Angola - Tunisia 71-63 (Jean Jacques 24, Carlos Almeida 11, Baduna Victoriano 8, Miguel Lutonda 7 -)
Angola is on their way to the next title ?
S.Africa - Morocco 50-69
It only confirms that lack of pro league in South Africa influenced a lot of bad performance of that country on the international stage.

  Preliminary Round, Day 2, Aug.9, 2003
All favorites won their games. However Morocco had some troubles with (theoretically) much weaker Madagascar, and Senegal struggled to have 4-points victory over Tunisia.
Group A:
Mozambique - Algeria 62-73
Ivory Coast - Nigeria 61-83
Cent.Africa - Egypt 84-91
Group B:
S.Africa - Angola 55-101
Madagascar - Morocco 71-76
Senegal - Tunisia 75-71

  Preliminary Round, Day 1, Aug.8, 2003
The most interesting games were Nigeria - Algeria and Angola - Senegal. Algeria and Angola (two top teams of last championships) won their opening games.
Group A:
Ivory Coast - Cent.Africa 75-83
Nigeria - Algeria 66-72

Both teams were based on professional players, who play in Europe and the States (also at the college level). Despite very strong roster, Nigerian team would have to make important improvements to their game if they do not want to have another disappointing African Championships.
Group B:
Madagascar - S.Africa 0-20
Morocco - Tunisia 63-75
Angola - Senegal 73-60

Angola, defending champion, managed to beat Senegal with comfortable lead. Senegalese team is always non-predictable. They have a number of highly ranked pro players, who play abroad. The only question every time is who of them would be willing to play for the NT.

  Preliminary Round, Aug.7, 2003
Group A:
Egypt - Mozambique 98-53

Host team did not give any chance to Madagascar. Madagascar is not well known team and their team is based only on domestic players, as Madagascar does not send to many players to play abroad.

Coach: Azzedine Laboulze (Orleans-FRA)
Sofiane Boulaya (180-G-73) M.C.Alger
Ali Benhoucine (178-G-77) WA Rouiba
Fathi Oukrimi (185-G-80) MC Algier
Abdelhamid Kaouane (182-G-81)
Amine Beramdane (188-G-73)  acph Staoudale
Miloud Doubal (189-G-81) Antibes (FRA)
Mourad Boughedir (196-F-76) Golbey-Epinal (FRA)
Abdelhalim Sayah (201-F-75) MC Alger
Mourad Boukhalfi (202-F-74) SRA
Tarek Oukid (205-C-79) MC Alger
Nadjem Ouali (205-C-72) MC Alger
M Adrar (204-C-82)
Coach: Mario Palma (Desportivo 1. De Agosto)
Miguel Lutonda (187-G-71) Desportivo 1. De Agosto
Walter Costa (185-G-73) Desportivo 1. De Agosto
Carlos Almeida (192-G/F-76) Desportivo 1. De Agosto
Gerson Monteiro (194-F/G-73) Barreirense (POR)
Antonio Carvalho (193-G-69) Petro de Luanda
Alfonso Silva (190-F-74) Desportivo 1. De Agosto
Angelo Victoriano (197-F-68) Desportivo 1. De Agosto
Edmar Victoriano (197-F-75, agent: Capicchioni Luciano) Desportivo 1. De Agosto
Victor Muzadi (201-C-78) Desportivo 1. De Agosto
Joaquim Gomes (202-C-80) Valparaiso (USA)
Jean-Jacques Conceicao (201-C-64, agent: Capicchioni Luciano) Portugal Telecom (POR)
Abdel Boucar (204-C-80)
Frederic Bengue (186-G-72) Rodez (FRA)
Regis Koundija (200-F-84) (LSU)
Maurice Beyina (198-F/G-71, college: Dayton) Nancy (FRA)
Martial Gotagni (189-G-79) AGTTBC
Lionel Bomayako (195-G-78) Fairleigh Dickinson (USA)
Ludovic Moundy (194-G/F-78) Poitiers (FRA)
Romain Sato (193-G-81) Xavier (USA)
Patrick Ngongba (202-F/C-78, college: George Washington) Sambo Xers (KOR)
Teddy Sokambi (188-G-79) St.Leonard
Jean de Dieu Mageot (205-C-70) Poissy (FRA)
Max Mombollet (203-F-81) Citadel (USA)
Souleyman Aserangue (205-C) Cincinnati (USA)
Coach: Adel Sabri
Shrif Gunaidi (186-G-)
Ramy Mohamed Talaat
Ahmed Muniel
Hassan Haytham (190-G)
Walil Bade El-Sayed
El Hosany Samir Mohamed
Mohamed Mounir El Kerdani
Ahmed El-Gazar (196-F-76)
Ahmed Ismail (201-F-76) Champville (LEB)
Ibrahim El-Adawy (204-F)
Ahmed Sakr (205-C-75)
Samir Gouda (217-C-72) Fenerbahce (TUR)
Coach: Olivier Tea
Michel Lasme (186-G-82) Massachusetts (USA)
Michel Blaise Amalabian (190-G-74)
Aristide Yao (190-G-80)
Stephane Konate (190-G-80)  
Vassy Banny (183-G-85)
Lody Kouame (197-F-78) TBC
Jean Claude Kouame  (194-F-83)
Mohamed Berte Bouake (201-F/C-84)
Amani Affeli (197-F-80)
Ousmane Cisse  (179-G-79)
Arnaud Dahi (202-C-83)
Eric Tape Didier (81)
Coach. Olivier Ratsimisao
Coach: Sterling Wright (For-sur-Mer - FRA)
Miloud Dahine (177-G-69)
Khalid Bouibi (181-G-77)
Zakaria Masbahi TSC Casablanca
Mouak Mohammed (190-G-78) FUS Rabat
Bouzidi Redouane (189-G-74) TSC Casablanca
Abdel Raho (202-F-78, college: Globe Tech JC) VIC Felipeix (ESP)
Youns Ait Tabassir (80)
Houari Bassim (200-F-77) MAS Fes
Nabil Bakkass MAS Fes
Mounir Bouhelal (207-C-79) RCA Casablanca
Hickam Lakhlifi (C-78)
Hicham Abdelmalek (C-80) FUS Rabat
Coach. Inacio Bernardo
Silvio Neves (187-G-72)
Siade Cossa (77)
Fernando Manjate (85)
Kaimane De Deus (189-G-77)
Silvio Litela (82)
Victor Tamele (193-G/F-77) Maxaquene
Felis Berto Macuacua (195-F-76)
Mauro Vembane (82)
Afzal Camal
Benjamin Manhango (200-F-72) Desportivo
Sete Muinga (201-F-79) Academica
Abel Mubetene
Coach. Awio Bakare (Ebun Comets)
Churhill Odia (199-G/F-85) Oak Hills HS (USA)
Ogoh Odaudu (185-G-81)
Kingsley Ogwudire (186-G-72) Ithad (SYR)
Guy Ikpah (186-G-82) Oklahoma St. (USA)
Baba Jibril (184-G-81) Ebun Comets
Abdulraham Mohammed (190-G-77) Al Wihdat (JOR)
Jeff Ngutar Varem (196-G-) Washington St. (USA)
Salomon Tatt (195-F-86) Ebun Comets
Tunji Awojobi (201-F-73, college: Boston U.) Adirondack Wildcats (USA)
Gabe Muoneke (200-F-78, agent: Capicchioni Luciano) Santurce (PUR)
Olumide Oyedeji (210-C/F-81) acph Orlando Magic (USA)
Ike Nwankwo (209-C-73) Huntsville Flight (USA)
Coach: Maguette Diop
Babacar Cisse (188-G-76) Vichy (FRA)
Elise Boissy  (G-78)
Mouhamadou Kabir Pene  (G-84)
Madar MBaye (G-79) MAS Fes (MOR)
Doudou Diallo (195-G-80)
Maleye Ndoye (203-F-) (203-F-82) Furman (USA)
Issa Konare (201-F-80) S.Carolina (USA)
Pape Sow (208-F-81) Fullerton St. (USA)
Pape Moussa Diagne  (202-F-81)
Malick Badiane (211-F/C-84) TV Langen (GER)
Boniface Ndong (212-C-77) Bamberg (GER)
Makhtar NDiaye (205-C/F-72, college: N.Carolina) Roanne (FRA)
Coach. Sam Vincent (Mobile Revelers -USA)
Emmanuel Madondo (180-G-80)
Lowell Mndaweni (178-G-76)
Joseph Mazibuko (190-G-80) Levski Sophia (BUL)
Sifiso Ngoobo (192-G-78)
Kenneth Motaung (195-F-78)
Nyakallo Nthuping (200-C-80)
Floid Mtimkulu (196-F-81)
Craig Ngobeni Tsakani (198-F-83)
Quinton Denyssen (203-C/F-80) Wits University Rebels
Thuso Moiloa (199-C-78) 21882
Thabang Kgwedi (198-F-78)
Lesego Molebatsi (201-F/C-82)
Coach.Marian Nuovic (YUG)
Mehdi Khanfir (175-G-70) E.S.Sahel
Mourad El Mabrouk (175-G-86)
Amine Rezig (190-G-80) Stade Nabeulien
Khaled Yahiaoui (198-F-75)
Atef Maoua (199-F-81) JSK Kairouan
Ali Amri (200-F-80) Club Africain
Haitham Essayed (201-F-76) Club Africain
Mourad Ben Hassine EOGK Kram
Walid Bouslama (200-F-79) U.S.Monastir
Redouane Slimane (201-F/C-80) JSK Kairouan
Issam Ben Douissa (202-F-80) U.S.Monastir
Fouhed Stiti (203-C-83) U.S.Monastir

1962: Cairo, EGY: 1. Egypt, 2. Sudan, 3. Marocco
1964 Casablanca, MAR: 1. Egypt, 2. Marocco, 3. Palestine
1965 Tunis, TUN: 1. Marocco, 2. Tunisia, 3. Algeria
1968 Casablanca, MAR: 1. Senegal, 2. Marocco, 3. Central Africa
1970 Alexandria, EGY: 1. Egypt, 2. Senegal, 3. Tunisia
1972 Dakar, SEN: 1. Senegal, 2. Egypt, 3. Mali
1974 Bangui, CAF: 1. Central Africa, 2. Senegal, 3. Tunisia
1975 Alexandria, EGY: 1. Egypt, 2. Senegal, 3. Sudan
1978 Dakar, SEN: 1. Senegal, 2. Ivory Coast, 3. Egypt
1980 Rabat, MAR: 1. Senegal, 2. Ivory Coast, 3. Marocco
1981 Mogadishu, SOM: 1. Ivory Coast, 2. Egypt, 3. Somalia
1983 Alexandria, EGY: 1. Egypt, 2. Angola, 3. Senegal
1985 Abidjan, CIV: 1. Ivory Coast, 2. Angola, 3. Egypt
1987 Tunis, TUN: 1. Central Africa, 2. Egypt, 3. Angola
1989 Luanda, ANG: 1. Angola, 2. Egypt, 3. Senegal
1992 Cairo, EGY: 1. Angola, 2. Senegal, 3. Egypt
1993 Nairobi, KEN: 1. Angola, 2. Egypt, 3. Senegal
1995 Algier, ALG: 1. Angola, 2. Senegal, 3. Nigeria
1997 Dakar, SEN: 1. Senegal, 2. Nigeria, 3. Angola
1999 Luanda, ANG: 1. Angola, 2. Nigeria, 3. Egypt
2001 Casablanca, MAR: 1.Angola, 2. Algeria, 3. Egypt

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